Each day, your thoughts and your actions are ultimately decided by one person – you.

In the choices that you make each day – you can either claim and use your power, or you can give your power away.

This reality creates a great deal of responsibility and accountability, but it also means that happiness, abundance and living the life you desire are constantly within your reach. You can have a better life if you make up your mind to do so.

My purpose in creating Own Your Power is to share with you what I have learned on my own personal journey in the hope that it will encourage, motivate and inspire you to reclaim and own your personal power in each area of your life.

Our programs and services focus on the Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotional and Financial connections in our lives and are designed to encourage and inspire you to connect to your power within and create the life of your dreams. When you create a powerful “inner reality”, there is no limit to what you can create in your life…


Upcoming Events:

Introduction to Investing Workshop Series in May 2015 – For more information see the Workshops link under “Our Program”.



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